Wp Http Error A Valid Url Was Not Provided

Wp http error a valid url was not provided

I am trying to deploy SSRS 2008 Reports from BIDS into the Report Server, and to access the reports later from the Report Manager. The Report Server as well as the BIDS are in my local machine.

I do NOT use Sharepoint, and I access all the reports from the Native Mode.

I get this error while deploying it in the Report Server:

Error rsInvalidItemPath :The path of the item ‘/Target Report Folder/Report Name’ is not valid. The full path must be less than 260 characters long; other restrictions apply. If the report server is in native mode, the path must start with slash.

This project has 12 reports, and each report has 12 parameters, and one of the parameters in all the reports has nearly 4000 values in the drop down list. I have successfully deployed many other reports in this report server with smaller parameters. I do not know whether the large parameter could be the reason for this error.

I have seen many online solutions for this problem, but nothing clearly specifies what I need to do to make the deployment successful.

Any step by step solution with clarity will be greatly appreciated.

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