Wp Error 500 After Update

Wp error 500 after update

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This method doesn’t work any more on the latest version of Windows Insider app, Microsoft has fixed the vulnerability.
I post this method several hours after the release of Windows 10 for phone.
It original wrote in Chinese, I decided not to post on XDA, because I’m lazy to translate, I posted it on Chinese WP forum WPXAP.com and wish someone will translate it.
Today I noticed that there only a complicated method was posted here, so finally I decided to post an English version of my method.

What you need to do is: Download a file, Set a proxy and Get update.
No PC needed, you can done it within 2 minutes.

Details step for noobs (Read notice below before you really follow the steps) :
0.Open http://upwp10.chinacloudapp.cn:7777 in IE on your phone (My server is in China, maybe slow)
1.Tap ‘Open’, then ‘Install’
2.Open Wifi Settings
3.Tap Wifi network you connected
4.Turn on Proxy
5.Server: upwp10.chinacloudapp.cn
6.Port: 7777, and save
7.Open Windows Insider
8.Tap ‘Get preview builds’
9.Two or three options will show up (1st time you use this method, you’ll get only 2 options. Otherwise, you will see ‘Restore’ additional)
10.Long-press Back key, back to Wifi settings, turn off proxy, then back to Windows Insider
11.Tap ‘Insider Fast’, then tap ‘Accept’ (Ignore any Chinese text you see)
12.You will get update

Use at your own risk. Strongly recommend you test it on your second phone, do not update your primary phone.

Your token information(not password) of Live ID may be sent to my server automatically by phone, if you don’t trust me, don’t trust this method.

You can’t use my proxy server to access internet, so don’t forget to turn it off.

Make Backup, you may need Rest or Reflash your phone.

Huawei and Duo-SIM phone are not supported according to Microsoft.

Your phone model infomation will be changed to Lumia 636 after using this method. If you want to revert to your phone’s original model, tap the 3rd option in step 9 and apply.

Check your ‘Sys free space’ in ‘about’ in Windows Insider. You need at least 250MB to install WP 10, or you will get 0x80188308 error (Sys free space show in Bytes, you need devide 1024 twice to get MB value. e.g. 556,646,400=530.86MB).
The only way to enlarge ‘Sys free space’ is Reset Phone or Reflash ROM. Reset only enlarge a little space usually, so I recommend Reflash ROM using Windows Phone Recovery Tool by Microsoft.

You will need about 500-700MB Phone free space (not Sys free space) to download the update, or you’ll get 8018830f error.

DO NOT reset your phone if failed to update WP10, Windows Insider will broken(crash), it’s a bug of Microsoft.

If you didn’t join Preview for Developers program before (Means your OS version is below 341, usually 200), you will get WP8.1/341 update first, reboot twice follow the tips of Windows Insider, finally you’ll receive WP10 update.

A lot of users repotered that OS version higher than 341(like 359 on new Lumias), you’ll not receive WP10 update.



WP Staging – DB & File Duplicator & Migration


This cloning and staging plugin is well tested and work in progress.

If you find any issue, please open a support ticket.

Note: For pushing & migrating plugins and theme files to live site, check out the pro version https://wp-staging.com/

WP Staging for WordPress Migration

This duplicator plugin allows you to create an staging or development environment in seconds*

It creates a clone of your website into a subfolder of your main WordPress installation including an entire copy of your database.
This sounds pretty simple and yes it is! All the hard time-consumptive database and file copying stuff including url replacements is done in the background.

I created this plugin because all other solutions are way too complex, overloaded with dozens of options or having server requirements which are not available on most shared hosting solutions.
All these reasons prevent user from testing new plugins and updates first before installing them on their live website, so its time to release a plugin which has the potential to be merged into everyone´s wordpress workflow.

* Time of creation depends on size of your database and file size

WP Staging helps you to prevent your website from being broken or unavailable because of installing untested plugin updates!

Note: WordPress 5.0 will be shipped with a new visual editor called Gutenberg. Use WP Staging to check if Gutenberg editor is working as intended on your website and that all used plugins are compatible with that new editor.

Main Features

  • Easy: Staging migration applicable for everyone. No configuration needed!
  • Fast: Migration process lasts only a few seconds or minutes, depending on the site’s size and server I/O power
  • Safe: Access to staging site is granted for administrators only.

More safe:

  • Admin bar reflects that you are working on a staging site
  • Extensive logging if duplication or migration process should fail.
  • New: Compatible to All In One WP Security & Firewall
  • What does not work or is not tested when running wordpress migration?

    • WordPress migration of wordpress multisites (not tested)
    • WordPress duplicating process on windows server (not tested but will probably work)
      Edit: Duplication on windows server seems to be working well: Read more

    Change your workflow of updating themes and plugins data:

    1. Use WP Staging for migration of a production website to a clone site for staging purposes
    2. Customize theme, configuration and plugins or install new plugins
    3. Test everything on your staging site first
    4. Everything running as expected? You are on the save side for migration of all these modifications to your production site!

    Why should i use a staging website?

    Plugin updates and theme customizations should be tested on a staging platform first. Its recommended to have the staging platform on the same server where the production website is located.
    When you run a plugin update or plan to install a new one, it is a necessary task to check first the modifications on a clone of your production website.
    This makes sure that any modifications is working on your website without throwing unexpected errors or preventing your site from loading. (Better known as the wordpress blank page error)

    Testing a plugin update before installing it in live environment isn´t done very often by most user because existing staging solutions are too complex and need a lot of time to create a
    up-to-date copy of your website.

    Some people are also afraid of installing plugins updates because they follow the rule “never touch a running system” with having in mind that untested updates are increasing the risk of breaking their site.
    I totally understand this and i am guilty as well here, but unfortunately this leads to one of the main reasons why WordPress installations are often outdated, not updated at all and unsecure due to this non-update behavior.

    I think its time to change this, so i created “WP Staging” for WordPress migration of staging sites

    Can´t I just use my local wordpress development copy for testing like xampp / lampp?

    Nope! If your local hardware and software environment is not a 100% exact clone of your production server there is NO guarantee that every aspect
    of your local copy is working on your live website exactely as you would expect it.
    There are some obvious things like differences in the config of php and the server you are running but even such non obvious settings like the amount of ram or the
    the cpu performance can lead to unexpected results on your production website.
    There are dozens of other possible cause of failure which can not be handled well when you are testing your changes on a local staging platform.

    This is were WP Staging steps in… Site cloning and staging site creation simplified!

    I just want to migrate the database from one installation to another

    If you want to migrate your local database to a already existing production site you can use a tool like WP Migrate DB.
    WP Staging is only for creating a staging site with latest data from your production site. So it goes the opposite way of WP Migrate DB.
    Both tools are excellent cooperating eachother.

    What are the benefits compared to a plugin like Duplicator?

    At first, i love the Duplicator plugin. Duplicator is a great tool for migrating from development site to production one or from production site to development one.
    The downside is that Duplicator needs adjustments, manually interventions and prerequirements for this. Duplicator also needs some skills to be able to create a development / staging site, where WP Staging does not need more than a click from you.
    However, Duplicator is best placed to be a tool for first-time creation of your production site. This is something where it is very handy and powerful.

    So, if you have created a local or webhosted development site and you need to migrate this site the first time to your production domain than you are doing nothing wrong with using
    the Duplicator plugin! If you need all you latest production data like posts, updated plugins, theme data and styles in a testing environment than i recommend to use WP Staging instead!

    I need you feedback

    This plugin has been done in hundreds of hours to work on even the smallest shared webhosting package but i am limited in testing this only on a handful of different server so i need your help:
    Please open a support request and describe your problem exactely. In wp-content/wp-staging/logs you find extended logfiles. Have a look at them and let me know the error-thrown lines.


    Permalinks are disabled on the staging site because the staging site is cloned into a subfolder and permalinks are not working on all systems
    without doing changes to the .htaccess (Apache server) or nginx.conf (Nginx Server).
    Read here how to activate permalinks on the staging site.

    How to install and setup?

    Install it via the admin dashboard and to ‘Plugins’, click ‘Add New’ and search the plugins for ‘Staging’. Install the plugin with ‘Install Now’.
    After installation goto the settings page ‘Staging’ and do your adjustments there.

    Received HTTP 500 error After upgrading to the latest enfold theme 4.1.2

    I can’t go to the wp-admin page once i upgrade the enfold from version 3.0.5 to 4.1.2. It show error page HTTP 500 error. i have tried to downgrade back the enfold to 3.0.5 version but it still can’t work.
    – i have tried to create another wordpress, and upload the latest enfold 4.1.2, but after activate the enfold theme i also can’t go in the wp-admin page anymore.
    kindly please advice how i can fix this.

    Hey swing126,
    Most hosts have automatic backups that they can restore for you, which is the files and the database, which would solve this for you.
    Best regards,

    Do you mean that i need to restore back my previous backup? If suceessfully restore, how to do to upgrade the version to the latest in order to avoid the same error happened again?

    A 500 internal server error is very general error and doesn’t tell us much about what is going wrong. I think your best bet would be to contact your hosting provider first to see if they can see what exactly is going wrong in the error logs. Could you try that out first please?

    If you should need any further help from us then please provide us with more info about hosting environment, like for instance PHP version etc.

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