WordPress Parse Error. Not Well Formed


Hello, I’m Joe Cheng, a software developer on RStudio.

"parse error. not well formed"

I’m hoping Google users will find this post if they search for the following Windows Live Writer error message:

An unexpected error has occurred while attempting to log in:

Blog Server Error – Server Error -32700 Occurred

parse error. not well formed

A malformed XML-RPC request can cause this error, but I don’t know of any way that can happen with Windows Live Writer 2008 Final. A more likely and sinister cause is what Gordon Dewis discovered:

Googling wordpress.net.in revealed a number of pages, including a blog entry by Avice De’vereux that described the symptoms and said they were caused by a spam injection hijack by wordpress.net.in. I think the hijack was supposed to insert ads in the page footers, but I don’t recall seeing anything there.

The solution seems to be to replace the modified files with fresh copies from WordPress.org and harden your WP install from future attacks.

It’s not clear to me how the files are getting modified in the first place. Are there malicious themes/plugins that are trojans, or is there an exploitable hole in WP or PHP? Most of the users who reported this to me lately have been on WP 2.3.2, the latest. If you have more information, please comment or pingback… thanks!

(In case there are client implementers who are reading this, another way to get some WP installations to cause this error is to create very large XML-RPC requests, such as those containing large Base64-encoded images, and format the XML without any line breaks. Under some versions of PHP you’ll get the error. The solution is to add line breaks.)

WordPress for Android

parse error. not well formed

This is giving error "parse error. Not well formed" when I try to send an image to the gallery or post.

Esta dando erro "parse error. not well formed" quando tento enviar uma imagem para a galeria ou post.

I’m having the exact same issue. Uploading is working just fine using the web interface, but errors every time I use the app. I’ve already disabled every plug in to no avail. Please help, this makes the app unusable for me!

This error started after the application was last updated. I have several sites with wordpress and I can not send image to any of them using the app. So acridito that is not an error of agum plugin, but of the application.
I really need to be solved this problems, some customers only update the site by the application.

Hi, We’re going to release a 7.1 version that fixes this issue this week. Sorry for the inconvenience

This issue persists. both in IOS and Android version. I get POarse error – not well formed when I try to upload to WordPress from the WordPress app. The site is running latest WP version and apps are alos lateset updated.


Support » Plugin: Jetpack by WordPress.com » -32700: parse error. not well formed

-32700: parse error. not well formed

I am getting this error on blog subscription widget. As per the instructions mentioned in some topics on your forum, I installed php-xml and then again activated the plugin. Still no luck. Can anyone please help me here.

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

is anyone listening here?? my issue is still there

I’d like to check your connection for errors. Can you reconnect the Jetpack plugin on the site. Let me know once you’ve done that and I’ll run the site URL through https://jetpack.com/support/debug/. This is a great starting point.

Please share as many details as possible with us. For example:

-Does this error happen in more than one browser?
-Does it happen when you are subscribing somewhere?
-Does it happen when folks are trying to subscribe to your site?
-Does it happen when you try to subscribe to your own site?

Thanks for the revert.

For your points:

1. This happens in all browser
2. It happens when I try to subscribe from the sidebar widget of jetpack
3. Everyone is getting the error.
4. It happens on the given url only.

I tried to debug the error from your given link. It was showing xmlrpc error.

I installed the same on apache and restarted the server. Still same error. Please look into this.

I’m also seeing an XML-RPC error on my side:

XML-RPC is not responding correctly ( 404 )

You’ll want to make sure XML-RPC is turned on for the site and set up to respond to all content types. You can see a working example here:

Due to the 404 , I also recommend contacting your host to ask whether they have any security measures that could be blocking XML-RPC. If any security plugins are installed, it would also be a good idea to check whether they block requests on this type. You could try temporarily disabling them and then test the XML-RPC again (comparing it to the working example I linked to above).

WordPress for iPhone Forums

XML-RPC error message "parse error. not well formed"

I can’t log into my self-hosted site. I can confirm that the xmlrpc and rsd links are present in the header as they should be, and xmlrpc.php responds to requests fine (eg, I don’t have any weird security plugins installed). However, the app seems to be choking somewhere. Using the XML-RPC validator here: http://xmlrpc.eritreo.it/?site_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwilchak.com#, there seems to be a problem processing the basic test request.

The host is a Debian 8 with PHP 7. Everything else works fine. I cannot figure out why XML-RPC is broken.

Please advise. Thanks!

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

I took a look at the info in the log at http://xmlrpc.eritreo.it/?site_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwilchak.com and the issue seems to be something server-side. Notice that the XML-RPC response reads:

even though the XML-RPC request *is* properly formatted. I’m afraid the app won’t be able to communicate with your blog until this issue is resolved.

You might try contacting your host’s support staff and see if they can provide any clues.

Thanks for the response. I figured it out. Turns out I had installed the php-xmlrpc package but NOT the php-xml package. Fun times.

Thanks for letting us know. Happy to hear you got it sorted out. 🙂

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