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This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Multisite Post Duplicator


Duplicate/Copy/Clone any individual page, post or custom post type from one site on your multisite network to another.

Multisite Post Duplicator can copy the following:

  • Custom fields
  • Related post meta
  • Custom post types on your network (make sure post type exists in your destination site)
  • Featured image
  • Images within post content
  • Tags
  • Categories. (If the category doesn’t exist in the destination site then the category is created and assigned to the post)
  • Taxonomy terms. (make sure taxonomy is also registered on your destination site).
  • Parent and child relationships (must use batch duplication option to achieve this).
  • Site Media files to other sites on your network
  • ACF Fields
  • ACF Field Groups (sync field groups within your network!)

Create a duplication link/syndication

  • If you ever update the source post again it will automatically update the duplicated page and keep them in sync.
  • Batch Duplication
  • Metabox control within Post/page edit screen
  • Activity Log. View information on all duplications performed within your network
  • Settings page to customise the default behaviour
  • Manage you linked duplications. Add/Remove.
  • Restrict functionality to only certain sites on your network
  • Restrict functionality to users of certain roles
  • Select what status you want your new copy of post to be i.e Published, Draft etc
  • Specify a prefix for the new post to avoid confusion
  • Choose to ignore specific post meta keys in the duplication process
  • Create your own addons! Multisite Post Duplicator is now fully extendable. Create your own functionality. Check out the API documentation.
  • Check out a list of hooks you can use (http://www.wpmaz.uk/multisite-post-duplicator-actions-and-filters/).


  • Meta Box
  • Meta Box
  • Setting Page
  • Batch Duplication
  • Duplication Tool


  1. Upload multisite-post-duplicator folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Customise the default behaviour by going to Setting > Multisite Post Duplicator Settings

Can I copy custom post types?

What about post meta? Will these be copied over?

Does this work with advanced custom fields?

Yes. However, you have to have the same custom fields defined in each of the sites on your network. To help keep the fields in sync try: https://wordpress.org/plugins/acf-multisite-sync/

What about Multisites on Subdomain Configurations?

Unfortunately we don’t support sub domain configurations at this time. You may use it to some extent, but a lot of this plugins features may produce unexpected results. Our plan is to introduce support for this in the near future.

Moving a WordPress Multisite with Duplicator

Moving a Multisite install doesn’t have to be difficult but it can take a bit of work. What follows are the instructions on how to move a multisite install of WordPress using the Duplicator Lite plugin. Important: These steps do not apply when using Duplicator Pro, since they have been folded into the logic of that plugin.

If you are moving a multisite network to a new host or domain, a bit of tweaking is required. No tweaking is required if you are restoring to the same host and domain however.

Core Steps

  1. Install plugin
  2. Network activate plugin
  3. On site 1, perform the backup. That will capture the entire site into a package
  4. Restore the site in the new location just like normal Duplicator/Pro procedure


After the site has been restored to the destination site please execute the following changes

Database Changes

  • wp_site: Update values the new domain and path
  • wp_blogs: Update values for new domain and path for each sub-site/blog
  • wp_x_options (one for each sub-site/blog, where x is the blog-id): update values for option_name like ‘siteurl’, option_name like ‘home’, option_name like ‘upload_url_path’ and there’ll be others if you’ve got things like woocommerce, etc. installed, you can also update these via the network admin > sites > SITE_NAME > edit > settings themselves..

wp-config.php Changes


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