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by Justin Ellingwood

WordPress post name permalink on LEMP (nginx) returns 404

I tried everything I could and will document it, so posting here is my last resort.

I’m a designer/front-end developer and I tend to have a lot of different sites for different clients on a single droplet, organized in sub directories.

I have one WordPress install at domain.org/dev/wordpress/ and when I try to use post name permalink, all pages except homepage in WordPress spits out 404. This line in /etc/nginx/sites-available/default :

Solves the 404 issue on the WordPress site, however the problem is that it applies to every other pages. Every time when you enter the invalid url on my domain, it will redirect to that WordPress 404 page and this is something we don’t want.

As a non-programmer, I attempted this, in hope that this line will only apply to THAT WordPress site:

Unfortunately, this line doesn’t work – every time I try to load a .php page in WordPress site, instead of loading the page, the browser requests me to download the php file.

Is there anybody who can help me out with this? I also plan to create other WordPress site for other client project, do I still need to reconfigure nginx to support the permalink? Perhaps apache2 would work better for my kind of situation?


Rainmaker Form – Best Forms Plugin on WP


Rainmaker is free and the easiest solution to collect leads on your WordPress website.
It provides you readymade form templates, styles that can be inserted anywhere on your WordPress website.

Feature Overview

  • Readymade subscription forms
  • Ability to add any form with custom HTML
  • Elegant designs
  • No coding required (No HTML, CSS, JavaScript required)
  • Extremely simple and user-friendly
  • Easy Embedding anywhere on WordPress site(blog post, page, sidebar,etc.)
  • Go live instantly
  • Automatically saves data; no extra plugins/configurations needed
  • Complete data security
  • Easy MailChimp Integration; other services coming soon
  • Integration with other 400+ apps via IFTTT or Zapier
  • Enhanced flexibility using Icegram

Benefits of Rainmaker:

Simplest Way to Create Forms on WordPress

Rainmaker makes the process of creating forms and collecting customer data extremely simple. It’s a free WordPress plugin that gives you readymade high converting forms that can be displayed anywhere on your WordPress website using a simple shortcode.

Your Customer Data is Completely Secure

Once the user enters information in the form, the data gets stored automatically in the your websites WordPress database keeping it safe and secure. You can also choose to save this data elsewhere like your MailChimp database or in a 3rd Party Webhook.

No Coding Required

Unlike other plugins, you don’t need to have any coding background in HTML, CSS, Javascript. The forms are all readymade. You only have to select the form fields, form design and place you want the data saved and deploy it.

Rainmaker is made for Everyone!

Be a blogger, marketer or a store owner, Rainmaker is your must have tool/best bet to keep in touch with your customers.

Top Reasons that make Rainmaker a full-proof form plugin for your WordPress website.

Instant Forms for Use

Rainmaker comes with readymade 3 elegant subscription form designs. Just select one that best suits your need and deploy it. No need of even a mailing list. No waiting for conversion improvements and results. Rainmaker gets you leads right away.

Absolutely No Coding Required

Rainmaker forms are completely code free. No need to hustle with messy HTML, CSS, JavaScript. No need of having any technical knowledge to use Rainmaker. It is that simple.

Go Live instantly

Choose the form design and simply add the shortcode anywhere on your website. You are live in under 5 minutes to capture leads.

Embed Anywhere in WordPress

Easy Embed the form anywhere on WordPress site; a blog post, page, sidebar, etc. You can even add a Rainmaker form to your own lead capture / landing page design for complete control.

Automatic Data Save and Security

Rainmaker automatically saves all form submissions to WordPress database and keeps it safe. No extra configuration or plugins needed. This way you can store and view lead information on your site even if you are subscribing them to a mailing list.

Easy Email Services Integration

Connect your mailing list service and automatically subscribe leads to a list easily. Rainmaker integrates MailChimp signup forms with WordPress currently and other popular services are coming soon.

3rd Party Webhooks

With its unique webhooks support, you can relay submitted form data to your own CRM, internal systems or any other 3rd party service. You can even send it to IFTTT or Zapier for instant integration with 400+ apps.

Best Marketing Solution

Full Compatibility with Icegram
Combine Rainmaker with Icegram and make it the best marketing tool. You can use Icegram to show popups, sidebars, action bars, exit intent overlays or any other type of attention grabbing message. Icegram is the best all-in-one WordPress plugin for onsite visitor engagement using popups, header / footer bars, notifications, messengers (and much more).


Kadence Themes Toolkit


Custom Portfolio and Shortcode functionality for free Kadence WordPress Themes, by Kadence Themes

Not intended to work with any other themes.


Included Shortcodes

  • Columns
  • Dividers
  • Accordions
  • Tabs
  • Quotes and Block Quotes
  • Pulsanti
  • Icons
  • Responsive Youtube
  • Responsive Vimeo

Portfolio Post Type – included metabox options for post sliders and three post layout options.

Contact Form Page Template – includes page template that has options for a google map and a contact form.

Gallery Styling for WordPress Gallery – this allows the Kadence Theme to override the WordPress gallery with theme specific styling. You can turn this off in the theme options > misc settings.

Gallery Metaboxs for post and pages – allows for a gallery to be added to a post for a post slider or page for page slider using the featured template.


Install the plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ folder, and activate it.

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