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How to Connect PHP and SQL Server 2008 using XAMPP 1.7.3

There are the ways that I used to connect PHP to SQL Server 2008 from zero to finish:

I. SQL Server 2008: Must have user login & password, use SQL Server Authentication mode.

1. First, plase connect your database by Windows Authentication. My server name that I used is: .\SQLEXPRESS

2. Select Security folder -> Logins -> New Login

3. Setting at General tab:

Fill in the Login Name that you want, use SQL Server authentication mode, give the password!

4. At Status tab, make sure the Permissions to the connect database engine = Grant, and Log = Enable.

And for the other tabs / option (Server Roles, User Mapping, Securables) could be tailored as you want. After that click OK!

5. Next, right click on the servers. \ SQLEXPRESS, click properties:

6. At Security tab, select Server authenctication become SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.

7. Next setting, right click at the .\SQLEXPRESS server, select Facets

8. On dropdown-list Facet, select Server Configuration, change RemoteDacEnables become True

9. Also at Facet: Surface Area Configuration, select RemoteDacEnables become True too. Click OK !

10. Until this stage, the SQL Server configuration is complete. Prove to login using your username and password that was configured earlier. Disconnect, then connects again!

II. PHP Configuration (XAMPP 1.7.3)

1. Before performing the configuration, make sure the apache server is not in “start” condition, a.k.a turn off!

2. Download the latest version of ntwdblib.dll file (search on google), then copy to: XAMPP / Apache / bin, replace!

3. Open the php.ini file in the folder: / xampp / php / php.ini (also can be opened on notepad),

Remove the semicolon (;) before extension = php_mssql.dll, this means php_mssql.dll extension enabled.

4. Now you can re-enabled Apache server.

III. Connection Testing

Type the following in a text editor, this example is my case. Customize your Server Name, User Login, and Password as you setup earlier.

After the execution, should see the message “DB connection successful”.

Installing WordPress Locally – XAMPP lite

XAMPP lite is a server software and is perfect when you are putting together a website. Rather than uploading your files on your remote web server hosting account, with XAMPP lite, you will be able to work offline, directly on your computer. We have created this manual for you who want to install WordPress locally while re-designing a theme or creating your own. Simply follow these easy steps and you’ll have WordPress installed on your local computer in less than 10 minutes.

1. Download, install and activate to root directory

Download XAMPP lite here. The required operative system on your computer is Windows XP. The first window will ask for a location to extract to. Choose your C drive as root directory for installation.

When all files have been extracted, go to C:\xampplite and open setup_xampp.bat. Then open xampp-control.exe. This is the control panel application; activate server module Apache and database module MySql by clicking the start button to the right.

2. Create a MySQL database in phpMyAdmin

Now it’s time to create a new database for your local WordPress site to be. Open your favorite web browser and type in the following url: http://localhost/. Choose a language and click on the link phpMyAdmin in the left sidebar in the following page.

Locate the Create New Database fields, choose utf8_unicode_ci in the drop down box saying MySQL connection collation. Wait until the window has reloaded, then choose utf8_unicode_ci in the drop down box beside the database name field; where you type in the name wordpress. Then click Create.

3. Download and install WordPress

Download WordPress 2.7 here. Extract the files to this location: C:\xampplite\htdocs. Locate the file wp-config-sample.php and open it:

  • Change the DB_NAME to wordpress
  • DB_USER to root
  • DB_PASSWORD you have to leave password empty since it is not required for local installation.

Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and save it.

Finally, open your web browser and enter this url: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php. Enter your blog title and email address. Write login information down on a piece of paper. Woops, you have WordPress installed on your local computer.

To get the most out of your WordPress site you need great hosting supporting it. We have created a list with what we believe to be the best WordPress hosting plans. We have taken things such as price and included features into consideration when picking the following as our top three WordPress hosts:

If you experience any problems installing XAMPP lite or WordPress, feel free to comment on this article and we’ll help you out. Good luck!

Linux Mint 10 Julia + XAMPP: Another Web Server Daemon Is Already Running

If your bash terminal reports this error message: “XAMPP: Another web server daemon is already Running“, it is most probably that you have installed another apache while installing some other tools via ‘apt-get’.
So, you’ll need to stop that 2nd apache, you can do this by typing the following line in your bash terminal: sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop

Now, start your Xampp server again and it should work..

Side Note: You could just remove the 2nd apache if you are only using the one from Xampp. (You can uninstall it via the Synaptic Package Manager if you are not familiar with the bash terminal)

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THANKS it work very well but just i mast do it every log in to the system ,how can i know & remove the extra apache ?? thanks again

source from http://askubuntu.com/questions/89156/cannot-start-xampp-on-ubuntu-11-10
This is a peculiar error you will get if you run XAMPP in LINUX.

Assumption: XAMPP is unzipped @ /opt/ folder.

If you get the error “XAMPP: Another web server daemon with SSL is already running” when you run “./lampp start”. Simply follow the steps below to get rid of this error:

1. Open the file /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf

2. Search the “Listen 80” and change it to some other port (e.g. Listen 2145) (Line No. 40)

3. Open the file /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd-ssl.conf

4. Search the “Listen 443” and change it to some other port (e.g. Listen 16443) (Line No. 39)

5. Open the file “/opt/lampp/lampp”

6. Search for the port “testport 80” and replace it to “testport 2145”. Also change the “testport 443” to “testport 16443”. (Happens to be the Line No. 197, 214)

7. Now go and run “/opt/lampp/lampp start”. (It should work now).
source from http://askubuntu.com/questions/89156/cannot-start-xampp-on-ubuntu-11-10

I find the solution in this link :
click here

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