WordPress Error Cookies Are Blocked Due To Unexpected Output. For Help Please See

WordPress error cookies are blocked due to unexpected output. for help please see

I am using vm ware and have installed xampp. While I start apache, it shows this:

And after that, I receive a system error:

So I started to install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (64-bit) and uninstall all old version, but it shows up a setup failure as:

I also got this log error from the installation:

Where can I go from here in order to install the correct version, and get Apache to start?

The error code 0x80240017 means WU_E_NOT_APPLICABLE – Operation was not performed because there are no applicable updates . This means the MSU can’t be installed because:

  • requirements to install the update are missing
  • update is already installed
  • update is superseded (already replaced with newer version)

Look if you ave the update KB2999226 (Universal C Runtime) already installed and remove it.

0) exit XAMPP completely from the taskbar
1) unzip/extract Visual C++ Redist Installer V38a.exe using 7zip [google for them please]
2) look for the folder in this path – which is the folder you just have extracted:
\Visual C++ Redist Installer V38a\vcredist_x86_2015\System 3) Select All (CTRL+A) the files in that folder and Copy (CTRL+C)
4) Go to Xampp root folder where XAMPP exes are, as Xampp control panel and Paste all those files (CTRL+V)
5) Start Xampp Control Panel
6) Start Apache
7) Relax.

ps. if port 80 fails replace it with 8080 in apache’s config then httpd.conf and the siblings of it. tomcat’s config uses port 8080 therefore you have to change that too to a different number

the logic stands that poor apache is trying to find the file entitled ‘api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll’ but it cannot find it anywhere, therefore if it does not have it, it won’t start without it, and the program will output the message as of what it needs in order to function correctly.


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How to cancel a Sales or Purchase orders or How to get cancel status to a Sales order or Purchase order in MS Dynamics AX 2012

we are going to discuss about how to cancel a sales or Purchase order. If a Sales order or Purchase order gets a Cancelled status if it is cancelled in below way.

Here let us take example of Sales order cancellation process and same process holds for Purchase order also.

First create a new sales order and have one sales line for example.

Go to Sales order –> select sales line—> click Update line as shown in the below screenshot—> select Deliver remainder

New Update remainging quantity form is opened—> Click Cancel quantity button as shown in below screenshot.

once you perform this for a single line where no items are not delivered then automatically sales line status will be changed to Cancelled as shown in below screenshot.

Once you perform this for all lines which are not processed (means no items were delivered from all the lines) then automatically sales order header status will be changed to Cancelled as shown in below screenshot.

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