WordPress Duplicator Plugin Error

WordPress duplicator plugin error

I recently installed the Duplicator plugin for WordPress Migration. I wanted to easily migrate the site to a local server. But I didn’t want it to archive versions of my site on my AWS instance. So I removed the files that were saved in wp-snapshots that I figured is were the saved package was. I only deleted the files that had the format date+sitename+key*.

It seem innocent enough, just the zip file, the installer, a sql file for the database, a log file and a json. All of which live in the wp-snapshots that was created when I installed the package.

Now it wouldn’t let me delete the files on FileZilla due to permissions. So I ssh’d into the server and used sudo rm to remove them. That’s it.

Now my site won’t load. It just shows a blank page. wp-login won’t work either. Nothing seems to be wrong with the instance. I was able to load an application I have running within wp-content in a directory I added myself. But it seems like I no longer have a working WordPress build.

My question is, can Duplicator break my site? Did deleting these files break my site? And if so? How do I fix it?

How To Make A Clone Of Your WordPress Setup In Few Simple Steps

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Data backup is very important and if you have website or blog then its very important to keep backup on your webserver and also locally just incase your server drives crashes beyond recovery you can still restore you site to the state until your last backup.Frequency of you backups needs to judged based on how much data is added and in what time interval.For ex. if site or blog is very busy you can consider a backup every 15days or 30days.

The common problem many first time bloggers face is that when they want to shift hosting service providers or plan to move wordpress setups from one server to another is the fear of loosing the permalinks, path to files like images which can break the completely.For such users who are looking for a easier process for moving your wordpress blog around you can try the Duplicator WordPress Plugin which can make a clone of your existing WordPress setup and replicate the same on the new server in just a few clicks.

Steps To Use Duplicator For Creating a Clone of your WP Blog :

    The first step is to check if your server setup is ok for a smooth and error free cloning process.For doing this check Click the “ Options “ icon and select the “ Systems Tab “. You should see all the checks in GREEN for a smooth clone operation.Click Save to close the options window.

Now create a package of the wp installation, for this in the Duplicator Page, Enter a " Package Name " and Click the " Create Package " icon, which should initiate the package creation and once complete a new package with its name is listed.

Next Download the Installer and Package, by clicking on the buttons as shown in the image below.

Next Copy the Installer and Packager files into the destination folder where you plan to have the clone up and running, for ex. my previous location was localhost/dmc/ and the new location in localhost/dmc_clone/ these 2 folder are under the htdocs or it would be under pubic_html in a real server.Access the path of the new folder from using the URL and you should find the Installer and Package files like in the image below.

Click on the install.php file to start the process, Once you click the install.php file you should find a new page open which looks similar to the one in the image below.

Settings :

  • The Package Name and Package URL are prepopulated
  • next click the “GET” for the Install URL which should populate the Installation Path,
  • Give the new clone a new Site Title – DMC Clone
  • Database :

  • The host should be prepopulated,
  • Enter the Database Name of your choice, and CheckMark – “ Allow DataBase Creation ” so that the new DB is created by the installer.
  • Give the DB Username and Password for the Installer to access the MySQL DB and run the required SQL Queries, Test the Connection to your DB using the Test Connection before you start the installation process.
  • and Finally Agree to the Warnings and Notices and Press the “ Install ” Button, to start the process.

    Incase your server does not support ZipArchive Extension, the use the Manual Extraction Method which requires that all contents in the package are extracted to the same directory as the install.php file and checkmark Manual Package Extraction under Settings in the Installer Page.

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  • Once the process is started, after a few minutes you should see the process complete.
  • Note : As the installation process is going to check at what stage the process is open the install-log.txt in a new tab/window.

    Once the process is complete, a few important things :

    • Delete the install.php, install-data.sql, install-log.txt & package files if present in the installation folder
    • Change the permalink structure as it was in the original setup.
    • The username and password for the new setup would remain the same as the original wp setup.
    • The Final Step also gives important FAQ to troubleshoot any issues once the installation process is completed.
    • Empty out cache from the cache plugins.

    The next time your considering moving your site, try duplicator plugin.

    Tip : If you want to have a exact copy of your server on your localhost then try making a package of it using the Duplicator plugin and run the installation on your localhost.

    WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Troubleshooting

    WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Troubleshooting shares some of the most FAQ asked in the forum and more.

    It is very important that your website, server, plugins and theme are up to date when backing up or cloning your website from one server to another server. There will be times when things will not work as predicted. This post will have some of the most common issues found when creating backups using Duplicator plugin.

    The list below will slowly grow and hopefully it will provide an answer to your problem.

    WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Tutorials:

    • Settings
    • Tools
    • Create Package
    • Troubleshooting

    WordPress Duplicator Backup Plugin Troubleshooting

    Q1 ) When creating a new Package the Permissions Fail (unknown Path to track), how can I fix this?

    Solution: You can check the following URL https://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_File_Permissions which is an overview of updating file permissions.

    Another reason why this might occur is because many hosting companies don’t allow the Root directory to have write permissions.

    Q2 ) When creating a new Package the folder or files are not created and I don’t even get an error message, how can I fix this?

    Solution: You should check to see what is your website memory limit. Also check your wp-config.php file and make sure you have the following line added define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);.

    I always recommend 256m as minimum for WordPress websites.

    I will be updating the troubleshooting list from time to time. So make sure you come back for the latest updates.

    If you have any questions please let me know.


    WordPress Migration & Duplicator


    This plugin exports your WordPress website media files, plugins and themes including the database with a single click.
    There is an option to apply an unlimited number of find and replace operations on your database during the export process.

    Features of WordPress Migration & Duplicator:

    🔸 WordPress full migration / WordPress all in one migration
    🔸 The plugin does not require any PHP extensions and works with later versions of PHP.
    🔸 Support both MySQL and MySQLi.
    🔸 Compatible with WordPress v3.3 to the latest.
    🔸 Best WordPress site migration plugin
    🔸 Tested ok with WordPress 5.0.2.
    🔸 Excellent support.

    How WordPress Migration plugin works

    You might come across situations where you want to move WordPress to a new server or to a different location on your server. WordPress duplicator or WordPress Migration plugin can assure an easy WordPress migration. Our plugin is an all in one wp migration plugin. You can move your entire website without any hassle. This is one of the best wordpress migration plugin available in 2019.

    A WordPress migration from one hosting provider to another is an easy task if performed correctly. It consists of three parts – moving the files, moving the database and reconfiguration (if needed). Our WordPress migration plugin automates this process.

    You should follow below steps for a WordPress full migration.

    • Install the WordPress Migration & Duplicator plugin on your existing website
    • Generate migration file which includes all the files requried as zip file.
    • Install WP Migration & Duplicator plugin in the target site
    • Import the zip file into your new location. The plugin will move all files including theme files, plugin files and replace the database
    • You will be logged out forcefully once the WP migration is completed

    This is one of the best way to migrate a wordpress site.

    Understanding WordPress Migration – Different WordPress Migration Cases

    Moving your website to a new host can be a stressful experience if not done properly. Many people decide to move to a new host when they face issues with their current provider. Migrating to a more reliable host is the only solution

    Since moving wordpress site to new domain can be tough task, people will either go for professional wordpress migration services to move their site, find a new host that offers the service as part of a new hosting package, or take the third option of having a go at it themselves.

    Based on the situation that you are in, wordpress site migration can be any of these cases

    • You are moving wordpress site to new domain
    • How to copy a wordpress site from one domain to another is very popular question people ask.
    • You are moving wordpress from localhost to server
    • You want to move wordpress site to root


    • Export Screen


    1. WordPress Migration & Duplicator can be installed directly through your WordPress
      Plugins dashboard.
    2. Click “Add New” and Search for “WordPress Migration & Duplicator”
    3. Install and Activate

    WordPress Duplicator also can be installed by

    1. Unzip the downloaded zip file.
    2. Upload the plugin folder into the ‘wp-content/plugins/’ directory of your WordPress site.
    3. Activate WordPress Migration & Duplicator from Plugins page.

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